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Advanced psychic healing and lifestyle awareness to help you balance your body, mind, and spirit.

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I. Spiritual Structuring   

  1. Dogma, Deity, Dharma
  2. The Chakra’s
  3. Energy Vibration
  4. Energy Sensing

II. Where Science & Spirit Meet

  1. The Amygdala
  2. The 3 Centers of Intelligence Heart, head and Gut
  3. Which center do you favor?
  4. Right brained verse left brained
  5. The autonomic nervous system
  6. Neurological pathways, conditions, karma

III. Emotional Imprints

  1. Core beliefs create your Life
  2.  Identifying core beliefs
  3. Judging yourself keeps you blocked
  4. Spiritual equilibrium

IV. Emotionally Detoxing

  1. Becoming the witness
  2. Hand out on emotions
  3. Suppressed and Repressed Energy
  4. Peeling away the layers

V. Lifestyle Wellness to Recondition

  1. Why Diet and Detox
  2. Training the nervous System
  3. Spiritual Rituals
  4. The Body Billboard and Being Proactive
  5. Exercise in getting into Full B. C.

VI. Question and Answers

Sensitive and Empath online class

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Course Highlights

1.Learn the traits and differences of an   empath and sensitive

2.Learn why sensitive’s and empaths require specific diets and life styles.

3. Learn foods and herbs which help balance a person who has a sensitive constitution

4. Lean to self –assess, to tests sensitivities and energy imbalances.

5.  Heal soul wounds and gain self-esteem by learning to reframe past perceived negative experiences caused from having the trait of sensitivity.

About the Course

This online class we will learn how to manage our sensitivity through learning about the spiritual gift of sensitivity and empathy. Students will learn how to achieve overall balance in their everyday lives, so they can thrive in the world.

Are You A Highly Sensitive Person or Empath?

An individual who is known to feel other people’s energy and emotions is known to be an empath. A highly sensitive individual has spiritual, emotional and energetic perceptions. This physical and emotional trait is inherited. One out of five Americans has the trait of sensitivity. All sensitives aren’t empaths but all empaths are sensitive. In this workshop we will learn the differences between sensitivity and empathy. We will also explore some of the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental manifestations, which come from being born sensitive.

Can you identify with the following?

Being labeled as too emotional or sensitive? 
Are your feelings hurt easily? 
Do you get over stimulated when under pressure? 
Do you feel nervous or anxious around loud noises, weird smells or textures, and bright lights? 
Do you find that you eat, drink, smoke or use recreational drugs to turn yourself off, emotionally and mentally?


1.Open Prayer–Energy Exercise

a. Grounding, centering

2. What is an Empath? What is a Sensitive, and how are they different?

3.Traits of an unhealed empathy and sensitive.

4. Life style and diet, which supports

5. Self – assessment test

6. Q and A

Accessing the Creative Genius Inside

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Spiritual practices and principals that heal and balance the body, mind and spirit.


About the Course


Accessing the creative genius inside presents information and exercises to evoke full human potential.


Life’s focus today has turned towards outside things. Food, clothes, cars, and malls govern the thought process of modern man. Often an individual gets trapped in these worldly pursuits. But it is not necessary that happiness and satisfaction comes through acquisition of any of these worldly pursuits. The ultimate aim of our life is attainment of happiness and that is what we find missing in today’s life. This is the key issue which this course will be addressing. This course is a journey towards the eternal soul. Through this course you will be able to explore more about your ego and spirit. You will become more aware of your consciousness. Through holistic spiritual practices you will experience a whole new paradigm in your life.

There are many interesting new things in this course. For example, you will attain the true power by clearing out the solar plexus Chakra which helps to build a strong character. You will also get to understand the phenomena of polar shift which affects your life in every way. Spirituality is a path that makes you realize the internal security in your life. Many individuals are using power of spirituality to recognize and utilize their full potential. You just need to realize the universe has got enough to offer to you. You just need to be standing on the receiving end. See how positive thinking and spiritual practices brings a paradigm shift in your life, effecting all aspects of your life.

A. The ego and spirit and the importance of meditation.

B. 3 psychic centers the heart, head and gut

C. Learn about the 7 chakras aka “life force centers” in our body, which control our energy.

D. Learn the causes of spiritual blocks and how to determine if you are blocked

E. The language of Spirit

F. The Art of perception

G. Individuals, will be shown how too increase their vibration, making the ‘law of attraction’ works for them.



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